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MXGP Switzerland 1989

Ajouté le 29 janv. 2021

Duke Classics - Motocross


The final round of the 1989 500 Motocross GP World Championship took place at Wohlen Switzerland and was drama packed from its bone dry start to its mud clogged finish. Dave Thorpe, Eric Geboers, Kurt Nicoll, Jeff Leisj and others had their work cut out just trying to remain mounted. Conditions deteriorated and many riders were forced to pull out. Kurt Nicoll claimed he had never ridden so hard in his life and was reduced to shouts of rage and frustration at the line. Meanwhile Thorpe seemed to have the skill of the blessed and the luck of the devil and was dubbed the 'Muddy Marvel' for his adroitness in unbelievably difficult conditions. Don’t miss this one!


Titre de l'épisodeMXGP Switzerland 1989
Episode numéro16
Date added29 janvier 2021
Original date27 août 1989
CatégorieRacing coverage
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