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MXGP France 1986

Ajouté le 29 janv. 2021

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The world's motocross aces were in fine form at the 1986 French GP. Britain's Dave Thorpe went to the contest six points in the lead and looked good in defence of the title he won the year before. But Honda team-mate André Malherbe was out for a reversal of fortunes. Well overdue a change of luck was Kawasaki star Georges Jobe (Belgium). Honda's Erik Geboers wasn't going to let his countryman grab all the limelight, and equally set about the task of grabbing victory. As this video shows the mastery of the iron men of world motocross was rarely in question, but even the best occasionally make mistakes and some are vividly captured.


Titre de l'épisodeMXGP France 1986
Episode numéro20
Date added29 janvier 2021
Original date6 juillet 1986
CatégorieRacing coverage
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