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MXGP Germany 1990

Ajouté le 29 janv. 2021

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Round 7 of the 1990 World Championship 500 motocross series took place in claustrophobic heat at Goldbach West Germany where the Anglo-Belgian battle for supremacy raged on. The Brits were on form with strong performances from Paul Malin (Kawasaki), Mervyn Anstie (Honda), Brian Wheeler (KTM), Jared Smith (RJW Diesel Honda) and Kurt Nicoll (KTM). The Belgian battle squadron, spearheaded by Eric Geboers (Chambers Honda) included Marc Velkeneers (Kawasaki) and Jacky Martens (KTM). Current World Champion Dave Thorpe put up a brave performance but had to withdraw during the second race. All-in-all it was a scorching round in more ways than one, with some fabulous elbow-to-elbow tussles.


Titre de l'épisodeMXGP Germany 1990
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Date added29 janvier 2021
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