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Stella Alpina

Stella Alpina

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The Stella Alpina is held over three exciting days behind the wheel, driving along some of the most picturesque itineraries in the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site. The programme is based in Moena, a charming town in the Alps known as the “enchantress of the Dolomites”, after setting off and subsequently returning to Trento, following a route that winds its way through the mountains. A journey taking the crews almost close enough to touch the sky, as they negotiate some of the most exhilarating mountain passes in the Alps and enjoy the combination of marvellous views, fabulous roads with tricky climbs and challenging hairpin bends, impeccable hospitality in Moena’s best hotels, high altitude lunches and dinners.


Program nameStella Alpina
Parent ChannelCanossa Events