#ThinkingForward with Bob Bell

Ajouté le 5 avr. 2021

Thinking Forward Series


Bob Bell is one of F1’s top engineers. He was Technical Director at Renault during the Alonso title winning years, then team principal after the departure of Flavio Briatore.

He formed a voluntary organisation called Grid4Good.org, enlisting free help from F1 teams and engineers to solve problems outside the racing world. This year the group was centrally involved in the F1 response to Covid-19, helping speed up the development of respirators for severely ill patients, among other Covid response projects.

In the latest #ThinkingForward interview with the sport’s leaders and influential thinkers, Bob introduces the Grid4Good mission, explains why he believes F1 is about to enter a golden age and looks ahead to a time when F1 and Formula E could merge.


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