Where is My AMG GT Black Series?

Ajouté le 17 mai 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It won't be a long wait now until the arrival of my AMG GT Black Series in the Shmeemobiles! In the meantime, let's meet up with my friend @Rana65556 and check out his extraordinary Magmabeam JET that he's just collected!

There's no secret that I am very excited for the beastly Mercedes to arrive; both from my enjoyment of the AMG GT Rs that I've owned to date, and my SLS AMG Black Series, so bringing them together with the GT Black Series in the garage is a big thing to look forward to. For today though, it's a run out with the GT R Roadster to get it side by side with Rana's GT BS.

After driving over, there's no mistaking the Magmabeam paintwork as Rana arrives, and a great opportunity to actually see the differences between the GT R and GT Black Series when they are parked alongside one another. We then jump onboard for a short run out before swapping around for my first drive in a RHD GT BS as well.

Originally I had thought my car would land at the end of 2020 but with numerous delays and the global parts supply chain struggling it pushed back into 2021. The delay has continued until now, and perhaps a bit frustrating along the way but it only heightens the anticipation for what I know will be an astonishing car to drive. However, the good news is that it really isn't very far afield now, it'll be landing in approximately one month and I cannot wait!


Titre de l'épisodeWhere is My AMG GT Black Series?
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