TIME TO UNLEASH! My Shelby GT500 on the Dyno and Destroying Tires

Ajouté le 5 mars 2021

The Shmeemobiles


The run in is complete, and my Shelby GT500 is fully ready to go! How better to start than a visit to Hennessey in Texas, to put it on the dyno and check if the full 760 horses are there; then a first test of Line Lock, Launch Control and some powersliding for fun... It sounds insane!

Having so far driven 2,500 miles on the GT500, 2,200 of which have been on the Where's Shmee: US Edition tour since leaving from Miami, I stopped by a Ford dealer in Houston to have the recommended oil change service carried out before a visit to Hennessey Performance to start bringing it into life.

With the officially claimed figure of 760hp from the 5.2l supercharged V8, the first test is to put it on the new dyno at Hennessey to see if it makes the claimed figures. The news is good, it not only makes them but goes a touch beyond while running on regular 93 pump gas; achieving a wheel figure of 698hp suggesting a crank in the region of 780 or thereabouts. Not bad for a Ford Mustang from the factory!

Next up though, with the car having covered a few hundred miles, it's time to inject some America into it with an experiment of Line Lock; typically used for heating the tires ahead of a drag run, but for entertainment purposes also great for a massive smoke cloud and destruction of the aforementioned rubber. Case in point quickly demonstrated! With Hennessey's drag strip and private test track available, there's also an opportunity for Launch Control, and some powersliding around with the complete hooligan of a machine.


Titre de l'épisodeTIME TO UNLEASH! My Shelby GT500 on the Dyno and Destroying Tires
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