The Surprisingly Expensive Maintenance Cost for My Ford GT!

Ajouté le 23 avr. 2021

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My Ford GT's maintenance so far has been very reasonable priced, until the latest bill arrived! After 2 years and some hard running, I had a full service carried out to ensure it's in perfect shape and one part turned out to be very, very expensive...

Generally speaking the costs of running the Ford GT are very reasonable; from the annual oil change services to new tyres and other consumables. However, it turns out that there's one part that's excruciatingly painful when it comes to replacing and that's the brake pads. I dread to think what the discs might cost when the time comes, but the pads alone are several times that of the pricing you'd find on other equivalent performance supercars.

However, it's been a while since the car has seen much use for a variety of reasons. Following the tour last summer to Germany where it spent some time at Apex and plenty of Nurburgring laps, it went for a fairly major 2nd year overhaul service, then with winter weather it stayed in storage before I've ended up being out of the country for 4 months - so without any further ado, it's time for a drive!

Kicking off with the GT beside the Taycan Turbo S, the fun thing is that they are the two cars in the garage with contrast gold accents which does make me wonder how the GT would look with gold wheels to match the stripes. From there it's a run out into the countryside for some nice roads and an opportunity to run it up through the revs, exactly as a car like this should!


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