The PAINS of Living with an EV! My WORST Experience Yet

Ajouté le 17 mai 2021

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I'm trying to live with an EV, but it's really quite the struggle. Starting my day enthusiastic for the rapid development of charging infrastructure, you can witness first hand how quickly the experience turns sour with a concoction of problems for my Porsche Taycan.

It's fair to say that new charging points are being built very, very quickly and it's certainly getting much easier to find locations in general here in the UK. However, the take up of EVs in the first place is probably growing even faster than that, and as such the availability of charging points is not improving in the slightest. Beyond that, you are then faced with the lucky dip whether you'll get a good charging experience of something won't work as it should.

Starting out with a very optimistic outlook on the whole thing, having obviously been away from the Taycan for more or less 4 months, the first step is to head out of London to get a full charge. To be fair, that's ironic in the first place, but the city centre is lacking significant numbers of fast chargers so it's actually overall quicker in theory to get out of town to do an empty to full charge. First stop is a new Ionity charger at Beaconsfield Services on the M40, not too far away, and with 4 charging points freshly installed.

However, things quickly turn for the worse as two machines are out of order or not yet activated, and there's a queue to access the other two. After waiting that out and eventually getting connected the speed is strong and the battery is filling up until it all goes wrong and repeatedly disconnects, preventing the Taycan from taking much more than half charge.

My go to response is therefore to head to the next nearest charger; a BP Pulse located only a few miles away to have another go... to no great success. Unfortunately I'm again getting errors for reasons unknown to me, but really changing my mood from one of trying to show how this process works well to having a horrible experience trying to get any battery into my EV.

I believe it can work, and I cannot wait until I have my own home charger in the near future, but without one it's virtually impossible to manage this process and my patience is being really tested despite my desire to make it work for me.


Titre de l'épisodeThe PAINS of Living with an EV! My WORST Experience Yet
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