The FIRST 1,000 Miles in My GT500! Where's Shmee US Edition BEGINS

Ajouté le 24 févr. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


Getting underway from Miami, Florida, the next month or two will have the car travelling 5,000 miles through 13 or more States across the USA to California. Having found the right car via Auto Tempest, and prepared it with SunTek Reaction PPF, it's now time to get this journey really underway with the first leg taking us 750 miles over 2 days from Miami to Atlanta, Georgia. Along the way comes the unusual experience of driving a high powered rear-wheel-drive car out onto the sandy beaches in Daytona before swinging by the famous Daytona International Raceway on route.

Expect to see lots of crazy things over the tour; from supercar collections, to hypercar drives, and collabs with some of my friends from the YouTube world along the way. There will be events, track days and drag races, and plenty more to learn about the GT500 on this journey of epic proportions in a car that will no doubt solidify a permanent spot in the fleet.


Titre de l'épisodeThe FIRST 1,000 Miles in My GT500! Where's Shmee US Edition BEGINS
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Date added24 février 2021
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