Respraying My AMG GT Black Series! This is Why...

Ajouté le 9 août 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's time to do this, I'm respraying my AMG GT Black Series to Solarbeam Yellow! It's a controversial move for sure, but it's always been the plan and as such we've got a convoy with the SLS Black Series too up to Chartwell to run over the plans and set everything up.

The SLS was in fact the first car I ever resprayed, which was done by Chartwell over a year ago off the back of the repair they did on my McLaren Senna; both of which were perfectly carried out. The SLS BS was originally Himalaya Grey, but I bought the car specifically with the intention to transform it into Mystic Blue; which at the time certainly was a bold move but the result could not have been better.

For the new AMG GT Black Series, there were only 8 colour options available for a RHD UK allocation, so as a result it meant I was unable to choose Solarbeam as I had previously always intended for the car. Given I didn't fancy the launch Magmabeam for it, or want to go blue or green, I decided to do Graphite Grey Magno as the best base colour for a respray. This is because it doesn't leave any bright colour components visible in the engine bay etc.

While part of me loves the 'Batmobile' look, and will be sad to see it go, I cannot wait for the Solarbeam triple layer paint and the accompanying contrast against the carbon fibre, plus a few bespoke touches for this car specifically.


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