PROTECTING My New Monster! Shelby GT500 with the Latest Trick PPF

Ajouté le 15 févr. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's time to prepare my newest monster for the miles ahead! The Grabber Lime Shelby GT500 Shmeemobile is getting full Paint Protection Film using the latest SunTek Reaction PPF at First Class Autosports. Getting the process underway, just check out the quality of this finish!

Kicking off on a morning of bizarre weather, from thunderstorms to bright sunshine, it's a short drive over with the GT500 to visit First Class Autosports who will be doing the SunTek PPF install. I first met the guys on my visit 12 months ago, so it's awesome to now have my car with them along with an awesome line up in the shop including a new Ford GT, BMW M2 CS, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Rolls-Royce Dawn Miami, new M440i and more. However, the drive certainly points out that something is wrong with my car's ride... and more is to come on that soon.

Despite all of the PPF'd Shmeemobiles wearing SunTek film; from the Senna to the GT R Roadster, none of them until now have SunTek's brand new and just released Reaction Paint Protection Film which mixes the traditional benefits of PPF from stone chips, swirl marks, self-healing and being easier to wash, with now also offering a top surface with ceramic coating like hydrophobic qualities. After walking through the process to install the PPF on the hood, there's no better way to show this than a quick test to directly show the effect on the new material, and also on a competitor's product that's been installed on the M2 CS in the workshop. It's remarkable!

SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film is the latest and greatest and makes my Shelby GT500 one of the first in the world to have it installed. PPF is a clear urethane wrap that protects paint against rock chips and scratches while offering self-healing that pulls out scratches with heat to keep the car looking brand new. It has a high gloss finish with hydrophobic qualities that enables water to bead nicely on the surface while also making it very easy to clean.


Titre de l'épisodePROTECTING My New Monster! Shelby GT500 with the Latest Trick PPF
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