Protecting My New BMW M3 Competition! Topaz PPF

Ajouté le 3 mai 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's time to prepare my new BMW M3 Competition for the road! The latest Shmeemobile is getting protected with PPF at Topaz Detailing to keep the Isle of Man Green paintwork looking fantastic.

After a visit to the wash bay, it's straight on with the PPF! You might be wondering why I've chosen to fit PPF to the BMW M3 this time around when some cars in the past I have not done so, for example like the BMW M8.

The reason is simple; the M8 picked up quite a few stone chips and it has bothered me hugely so given the likelihood of soft paint on the M3, I didn't want that to happen again. Hence, the new M3 is getting a front end and sills protection package to keep it looking great.

After heading over from the garage with minimal mileage and thankfully no chips yet, the M3 has a run through the wash bay for the preparation of surfaces including stages like snow foam, to get it ready for the film to be installed. In record time everything is under way and Topaz's templates are prepared to immediately get started with the first panels. On multiple occasions I have reaped the rewards of PPF that has been installed by Topaz, from the prevention of stone chips to the front, to even saving my paintwork from potential damage on vulnerable parts of the bumpers for example.

There is no question it is hugely effective and well worth doing on a car such as this, and I think I have definitely learned that on a car with any kind of paint work I care about, to not miss it ever again!


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