NOT AGAIN! You Won’t BELIEVE My AMG GT R Roadster's Problem

Ajouté le 6 mai 2021

The Shmeemobiles


What are the chances?! My AMG GT R Roadster has exactly the same problem as my Shelby GT500 a few months ago... it's been delivered with the transport blocks. Let's get it fixed and then take a visit to @Seen Through Glass HQ to check out Sam's garage!

I collected the AMG GT R Roadster late last year, after the car had actually been at the dealership for a number of months while I had been in Germany. As a result there was a bit of back and forth and confusion about when I could collect it and quite simply, somewhere along the way that turned out to cause it to have a small step of the PDI process skipped out. However, no dramas, nothing is broken, it just wasn't quite right!

Having driven the car around town and on the motorway, I hadn't really noticed anything untoward, but as soon as I had it on a country lane with bumpier tarmac, it was very obvious something was wrong as the suspension banged and clattered. After pulling over, it was a very quick peer through the wheels to see some flashes of yellow from the transport blocks still in place.

These are typically used when a new car leaves the factory and has a long journey to the delivery destination to ensure that it doesn't hit the ground or get damaged on the move. Fortunately they are fairly easy to pull out as a result, and do not require any dramatic work or huge effort to do so. In order to have this put right, a thanks to Algy from Vulcan Classics at Duke of London for assisting with the tools and work.


Titre de l'épisodeNOT AGAIN! You Won’t BELIEVE My AMG GT R Roadster's Problem
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