MY UNLUCKIEST CAR?! First AMG GT R Roadster Nurburgring Laps

Ajouté le 25 mai 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It turns out that I'm having quite a lot of bad luck with my AMG GT R Roadster! However, that's not going to stop the fun of taking it for the first laps on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a rite of passage for any new Shmeemobile!

My AMG GT R Roadster has had a good stretch across Europe for recent filming in Italy and back to Germany, so now it's fully run in, it's time for some laps on the Green Hell. Nearly all of the cars in my garage have completed laps so it's the right time to tick the box for the GT R Roadster too, while also being my first laps of 2021 too. During Touristenfahrten, the Nordschleife is open as a public toll road with normal road rolls so a great opportunity to stretch the legs on the derestricted tarmac.

Having done many laps before with my original GT R and recently the GT R Pro, it's really interesting to experience some of the differences, however the most notable thing is by far and away this new problem it has picked up to do with the active aero. The AMG GT R features a lower front spoiler that extends while driving at high speeds underneath the car, which unfortunately has failed and that kicks in a safety system of limiting the top speed to 200km/h, or 124mph. Unfortunately this means on the Nurburgring that on a number of occasions it goes straight into the limited and it's a case of patience as the fix would require it to be sat at a dealer for an extended period - time we don't have on the tour.

This isn't the first problem with this car, which has quickly turning into one of the most unlucky cars I have owned so far, but that doesn't stop the fun of a few laps at good pace on the Nürburgring Nordschleife!


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