MY NEW GARAGE! First Look at The Shmuseum

Ajouté le 5 juil. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


Welcome to @The Shmuseum, my garage and the new home of the Shmeemobiles! It's been a long time in the making but an epic journey begins right now, supported by @eBayUKofficial to bring you along as we turn my vision into a dream garage.

The hunt for the perfect location for my garage began about two and a half years ago; visiting countless venues along the way from warehouses on industrial estates to underground garages, until finally this former milking parlour on a farm appeared at the end of last year. Upon visiting I was immediately aware that it would be quite the project and require some major vision to transform it into the perfect home for my car collection. That journey so far has not been without hurdles, from the UK's lockdown, to shortages of raw materials, but now we're there and it's time for the epic adventure to begin!

I'm undertaking the journey with @eBayUKofficial, bringing you along as we transform my ideas into reality and make this something truly special as the home of the channel. We'll be bringing you behind the scenes on the new purpose created channel for @The Shmuseum too as it goes through the motions.

Having started my personal business journey with eBay, I could not be prouder to undertake this project together. The very cameras I use to film were bought on eBay, as are many of the additional parts you see on my cars, through to the memorabilia that will line the walls of the garage! The platform presents the perfect source of incredible items to find and feature on The Shmuseum, it's going to be fantastic to see what great pieces we can add.

To get started in style join me for a run with the Ford GT and McLaren Senna, the two flagship Shmeemobiles, to head into The Shmuseum for the very first time!

Thank you for your support up to this point, thank you to eBay for making it happen, and thank you for joining me on this epic adventure from here. I could not be more excited to finally get The Shmuseum started and share it with you!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Titre de l'épisodeMY NEW GARAGE! First Look at The Shmuseum
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Date added5 juillet 2021
Original date2 juillet 2021


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