My GT500 Convoy to Las Vegas Didn't Go as Planned! TIRE BLOWOUT

Ajouté le 27 mars 2021

The Shmeemobiles


Trouble on the way to Las Vegas! We're taking my GT500 in a convoy with friends to the Shelby Takeover, however disaster strikes for @Speed Phenom's 600LT and a total tire blowout along the way. It's then a catchup to join the Shelby mayhem on the Strip!

Kicking off at Ford of Upload, the day starts with the second oil change service for my Shelby GT500 now that it's at 6,000 miles, ahead of a trackday coming very soon. From there it's a convoy over to Las Vegas, joined by some friends including @Joseph Gatt with his GT500, @Speed Phenom in his 600LT, and the FSE LA guys also.

However, after a checkpoint stop at In N Out along the way (if you know, you know), things don't exactly go to plan when Speed Phenom's 600LT falls victim to a total loss of pressure in one of his rear tyres and has to immediately pull over. Thankfully, not too far behind us, the FSE LA Ferrari Pista is able to make a diversion to pick up a repair kit that after a bit of time at the side of the road is enough to get things back up and running, and on the road again to Las Vegas. In the meantime however, numerous of the Shelbys attending the Takeover also fly by - a pretty cool sight to see.

After sticking together at the side of the road, eventually we make it onwards to Las Vegas and ready for the cruise on the Strip with hundreds of Shelby models; GT350s and GT500s a plenty!


Titre de l'épisodeMy GT500 Convoy to Las Vegas Didn't Go as Planned! TIRE BLOWOUT
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Date added27 mars 2021
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