My First AMG GT R Roadster ROAD TRIP Starts! 1,000km to Germany

Ajouté le 19 mai 2021

The Shmeemobiles


The journey begins for my AMG GT R Roadster's first road trip! It's the perfect Shmeemobile for this kind of journey, and long overdue getting on the roads for a big adventure. Let's kick off heading all the way to Germany and the Autobahn!

The AMG GT R Roadster joined the Shmeemobiles towards the end of last year with the intention of being a car that could cover many miles across Europe but owing to my extended US trip, up to this point it hasn't seen much action. However, it's time now for that to change and to quickly clock in some miles on an adventure to Germany and onwards to Italy, before returning to the Nurburgring!

Day one kicks off with a long slog, starting in London with a spot of sightseeing, before heading down to the Eurotunnel for the crossing to France. Upon arrival on the continent, the weather quickly takes a turn for the worse, making for a very miserable run all the way down South before cutting across and into Germany, ultimately to arrive in the hometown of Mercedes and right beside the facility where this very AMG was assembled!


Titre de l'épisodeMy First AMG GT R Roadster ROAD TRIP Starts! 1,000km to Germany
Episode numéro1
Date added19 mai 2021
Original date18 mai 2021


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