Moving ALL My Cars to a NEW GARAGE!

Ajouté le 9 juin 2021

The Shmeemobiles


My cars have a new temporary home! The countdown for @The Shmuseum is well and truly underway and soon to be revealed. In the meantime we're taking everything out for a convoy to a new short term spot, and preparing for what's coming next!

In October last year we moved all my cars away from their home of 4 years at storage in central London, and since then they've been safely parked with Duntbarn. The plan was always to have moved into my own garage by this point but thanks to extended lockdowns in the UK, difficulties with construction and making progress, as always it's taken longer than expected. However, the good news is that we are now a matter of weeks away and the excitement is very real!

The Shmuseum has been converted from a former milking parlour on a farm, and as such has needed huge amounts of work to overhaul it and make it suitable for such cars, initially as an 'empty shell'. It will begin with all the necessities in terms of power and security etc, but the perfect opportunity to bring you along as we build my dream garage through The Shmuseum channel:

For the short time before we go ahead with the full move, I've brought them over to my friend's new barn that has recently been built as it's a little closer to my end destination and gives a bit more space for the time being. The intention was to be at Duntbarn until April so I have overstayed slightly and ultimately with other things needing the space, the time was right to get mine on the move along with an opportunity for photos, some preparation and a clear picture of what's coming next with them all for me.

To get the cars moved, we're joined by Tom @tomthecardude who will be involved in The Shmuseum project, Ben @benzeneben who is going to be back in action with the edits in the near future, Püppi @puppi150 who is the boss of the team and also Ali @thrufilms to get the shots.


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