I FIXED My Shelby GT500's Suspension Problem!

Ajouté le 22 févr. 2021

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Something just didn't feel right, and it turns out it wasn't! My new Shelby GT500 was delivered to me with the rear suspension spacers still in place so let's get those pulled out and finish off the pre delivery inspection process ahead of my big tour!

After completing the installation of SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film and Altered Black PPF stripes at First Class Autosports, before the big adventure gets underway I needed to dig into exactly what has been going on with the ride of the car. Having only done a few miles in it to date, something was clearly not right because the rear axle was tremendously stiff and just simply not right.

Turns out my instinct was right, the car was still wearing the transport block suspension spacers. These are used to prevent it from moving around too much during transportation from the factory, but should be removed at the time it goes through the PDI process. I was suspicious that they might not have been taken out as other PDI elements like fitting the floor mats and locking wheel nuts for the Carbon Fibre Track Pack wheels hadn't been completed.

Fortunately, it's not a hard process to rectify, and while we're at it get the other things ticked off, and check out the car cover as well. Thanks to First Class Autosports for their help and hosting the day featuring a number of other cars on site; including a full carbon wrap Lamborghini Aventador SV, and a new 911 Speedster with special design too.


Titre de l'épisodeI FIXED My Shelby GT500's Suspension Problem!
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