I Bought a SURPRISE NEW CAR! Unexpected Addition to My Garage

Ajouté le 1 sept. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


The newest arrival to my garage is quite a surprise! I have found exactly the car I was looking for on @eBayUKofficial Motors, and now it's time to transform it a full project track tool. This is the perfect tribute to the first car I ever owned, my Renault Clio!

Last year, I managed to track down the first car I ever owned, my 2005 Renault Clio 1.2 Dynamique, although sadly not in the state I had hoped to find it. Having recently (at the time) been involved in an accident, the insurance company had written it off and sent it for scrap, meaning I wasn't able to buy it as a car, but did buy back the lump of scrap metal anyway!

I put in my mind at the time to one day find an identical spec car to turn into a tribute to my original. However, recently when Jonny Smith @The Late Brake Show came by to visit @The Shmuseum, we were talking and he 'challenged' me to do something crazy...

Fast forward, and after much searching, the right car popped up on @eBayUKofficial Motors! Matching to every single detail; a 3 door, silver, 1.2 16V 2005 Clio, with sunroof, auto lights and wipers, the same interior and wheels, and as such I could not wait any longer. But this is just the start, we're going to build this into a track tool sleeper!

Visually it will stay true to the original base Clio spec, but we're thinking engine swap, strip the interior, upgrade the suspension and brakes and so much more. This project will be underway with @eBayUKofficial and sourcing parts for the upgrade through Small Businesses on eBay.


Titre de l'épisodeI Bought a SURPRISE NEW CAR! Unexpected Addition to My Garage
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