I BOUGHT A SHELBY GT500! Delivery Day of My First Muscle Car

Ajouté le 8 févr. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


I've been talking about it for ages, but finally a Shelby GT500 has joined the my garage! Auto Tempest has made it easy to find my first American muscle car, and the first US Shmeemobile, bringing together all of the options into one place: http://autotempest.com

With the Ford GT and Heritage Focus RS holding permanent spots in my garage at home, I've long been keen to add the ultimate brute to the garage to pull the supercar, hot hatch and muscle car together. From the initial reveal through to my first drive of the Shelby GT500 in Las Vegas just over a year ago, the plan was always to make it happen whereby the car will be used int he US for some trips before eventually exporting and importing it to the UK to join my collection.

Like all Shmeemobiles, I've been very specific as to the options that I'm after; from the Carbon Fibre Track Package being an absolute must (with the large wing, carbon wheels, rear seat delete and splitter wickers) through to finding a bright colour. Then in stepped Auto Tempest to help with the search and support the latest arrival!

Having come across Auto Tempest from the fantastic Car Trek series with Freddy (Tavarish), Ed (VINwiki) and Tyler (Hoovie's Garage), it's been the perfect resource for these purposes. Being able to browse through cars available in the US and Canada over the last few weeks from across the biggest sites, using filters to hone it down to exactly my choices has made finding this car brilliantly easy. Why not have a browse yourself and see if I've made the right choice from the cars on Auto Tempest: https://www.autotempest.com

With delivery day arriving, the car is transported down from a dealer in North Carolina to be delivered to me at Ikonick, the home of Barry Skolnick's private collection. A garage which itself also now features some new arrivals in the form of a Ruf CTR3, Jaguar E-Type and a visiting Ferrari Monza SP2. http://instagram.com/ikonickmotors

The plans ahead for my GT500 include a visit to receive PPF and stripes before a full scale adventure across the USA heading from Florida, via Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisana, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and into California. You can bet there are some big things in the works and some great videos to come, while the car cements a spot as a permanent Shmeemobile along the way!


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