Here's Why I'm Buying My FIRST Lamborghini!

Ajouté le 13 avr. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


My first Lamborghini is soon to join the garage, and this is why I'm buying it! Visiting Lamborghini Broward, we can head out in the Huracan EVO RWD, the model on which my incoming Huracan STO is based, and I'll explain exactly why the time is finally here!

A few months ago I announced that the Lamborghini Huracan STO is to become a future Shmeemobile with an estimated delivery towards the end of 2021, which is of course the first time for me to buy a Lamborghini at all. I've often considered various models over the years from the Huracan Performante to an iteration of the Aventador, but the Huracan STO really ticks all the boxes for me - a track focused special, the full experience ordering from new, and one of the later variants of the Huracan platform that's evolved so much.

However, while it's not yet possible to get behind the wheel, it is possible to drive the EVO RWD on which it's based, the model that really confirmed my decision when I test drove one not all that long ago. The EVO RWD does away with the 4 wheel drive system in favour of the power going to the rear, albeit the lower output of 610hp from the 5.2l NA V10. The result is a car that feels more nimble and agile, while being all around significantly improved with the updates that Lamborghini brought into the Huracan EVO update.

During the process working with my dealer at home, Lamborghini Pangbourne, of course due to being thousands of miles away, I've been trying to work out my spec remotely. We've had various video calls, and Lamborghini Broward have been incredibly helpful with the spec, to ultimately be just about ready to lock it in and share with you soon!


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