GR YARIS EXHAUST UPGRADE! Milltek Non-Resonated OPF Back System Installed

Ajouté le 28 avr. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


A compulsory upgrade for any tuning project; a new exhaust! For my GR Yaris, I've opted for Milltek Sport's 3" Non-Resonated OPF Back system which we can hear both before and after around the install at Milltek's HQ on the Shmeemobile. What an improvement! The Toyota GR Yaris arrived in my garage to be a bit of a fun project, and after making a livery for it with Dub Customs, the important next step in the process is by far and away to give it a little bit more of a throaty sound. While the GR Yaris is famed for its driving characteristics, it's fair to say that the stock sound is slightly lacking. However, Milltek Sport to the rescue! While I was away in the USA, I leaned the car to Milltek to use as their development vehicle to design, engineer and produce the new exhaust. Already seeing huge success for their new system that's available with a number of different finishes, the Milltek OPF Back exhaust for the GR Yaris compensates for the throttled sound by the OPF and hugely improves the experience as a result. In addition, it also introduces a new mounting bracket to support the exhaust and prevents the huge levels of play that the stock exhaust leaves by holding it more securely in place. With a quick run out, and a simple before and after comparison, it's very clear that this was a good move and the new exhaust sounds great! The GR Yaris collection is back in the Cheers by Shmee150 shop: The specific system installed on my Toyota GR Yaris with Milltek: Thanks for watching, Tim Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:13 Arrival 02:23 GR Yaris Update 03:56 Stock Drive 07:17 Stock Sound Check 08:10 Milltek Exhaust Installation 11:27 Milltek Drive 14:55 Milltek Sound Check 15:33 Exhaust Loaded 16:36 Wrap Up #Toyota #GRYaris #Milltek Subscribe: Website: Shop: Instagram: Facebook:


Titre de l'épisodeGR YARIS EXHAUST UPGRADE! Milltek Non-Resonated OPF Back System Installed
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Date added28 avril 2021


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