Can My Tuned AMG G63 UPSET My Porsche 718 GT4 in a Drag Race?

Ajouté le 16 juin 2021

The Shmeemobiles


Back to the drag strip with two of the Shmeemobiles in the most unlikely of drag races! My Mercedes-AMG G63 goes up against my Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 in a head to head where you might not be able to predict the winner.

However, the G63 is no ordinary G Wagon; in this case thanks to an Akrapovic exhaust and RENNtech tune it's running a mere 727hp and 1,069Nm (from the standard 585hp and 850Nm), so plenty of punch to overcome the 2.6 tonne weight and least aerodynamic body shape of more or less anything on the road.

On the other hand, the Cayman GT4 is a nimble and lightweight sportscar with 420hp and 420Nm, but does have a manual gearbox in mine which provides sufficient challenge for the driver to be able to get a good launch from the line.

With three races head to head, joined by Christian from BOTB to pilot the G63 while I take the wheel of the GT4, let's see how they actually shape up... prepare to be surprised!

With BOTB, you can choose from almost 200 different cars to play for including the incredible G-Wagon and many different Porsche models. Tickets start at just £1.60 and every car comes with £50,000 in the boot! Enter before midnight on Sunday for a chance to be their big Tuesday winner!

I’ve been supporting BOTB for many years and have met many of their 600+ winners myself. Big thanks to BOTB for sponsoring this video!


Titre de l'épisodeCan My Tuned AMG G63 UPSET My Porsche 718 GT4 in a Drag Race?
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