Bye Bye Shelby GT500!

Ajouté le 19 avr. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's the end, and a farewell to my Shelby GT500! Sadly the Where's Shmee US Edition tour is over and alas that means parking up the Shmeemobile for now. What comes next we shall have to wait and see, but for now it's a last and final drive in the GT500.

The adventure in the USA has been incredible with the GT500; from driving coast to coast, with daily driving, drag races, a top speed run, trackday and so much more along the way. It's been a very quick few months since finding the car on Auto Tempest, to taking delivery at Ikonick and then installing the SunTek Reaction PPF and Altered Black stripes. However, it has not skipped a beat and what a car it has been along the way.

While it started in a sporadic way, after originally planning to take delivery of a GT500 in 2020 and that going fairly pear-shaped, but after ending up in the USA for the entirety of the year so far it was a case of the right time and finding the right car for it! In the short period that's followed, this particular car has probably been up to more antics than many would do in a much, much longer time with an action packed scheduled.

However, what happens now? I'm not selling it, I will be keeping this car, but for the time being it will of course be parked up and effectively stored for an unknown period of time until I can return and continue the adventures with it in the USA. Therefore this now means getting it fully cleaned up with Detail Geeks and a final drive at least for this tour.

In the future it will almost certainly be exported and brought over to the UK to join the cars in my collection, but I'd like to enjoy it more in the USA before doing so, which means that might be Q4 2021 depending what happens with travel rules around the world in the meantime.


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