Buying My Shelby GT500 in the USA?

Ajouté le 25 janv. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's definitely time to talk about buying a Shelby GT500! The Triple F Collection's monster is ready for a drive to discuss whether one will be joining the Shmeemobiles in 2021. I couldn't lock my order before, but now I'm considering whether it's good to go, let's see...

With a number of the Triple F hypercars heading out for a shoot; let's see the Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Regera and Pagani Huayra BC getting on the move before heading into the garage to the GT500. In late 2019, when I had attended the Ford Performance event in Las Vegas for the Shelby GT500 with my Ford GT, I announced at the time that I was ordering one to join my own garage. However, things since have not gone as planned...

At the time I would have had to lock in the order, it was just when the world was shutting down and my plans to take delivery of it in the USA, use it for a tour, and import it back to the UK were completely stopped and as such I could not confirm the car. That never stopped my desire to eventually bring one back home to live with my Ford GT and Heritage RS for the ultimate modern Ford trio with the supercar, hot hatch and muscle car. Coming full circle then, now could be the time to do so, but first comes a test drive to see if it's as much fun as I remembered!

If I do decide to go ahead, there is then a choice between buying a car from the market, or ordering a MY2021 example with my own spec and some new colour options. There's definitely a decision to be made ahead!

There are big things in the works at the Triple F Collection, be sure to subscribe to their channel and follow on their social pages: Thanks for watching, Tim


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