A Day in My Life Managing a Car Collection!

Ajouté le 7 mai 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's not going to be long now until my cars are all living under one roof at The Shmuseum, but in the meantime it's an errand day with some updates on the cars, movements and more.

Getting started in the garage at home, we've got the Toyota GR Yaris which is soon to be heading for the next round of updates, and the BMW M3 Competition which I'm taking over to Duntbarn to check on some things. After my recent drive with the Ford GT, it has since been to Ford for an alignment and as such I was keen to get it back on the roads for a spin to see if things are correctly straightened out and I'm pleased to report they are.

Leaving the M3 there, next it's out with the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 to bring it back home while collecting the Taycan Turbo S from Acton Coachworks who have carried out the slight repairs to the front and replaced the carbon after the recent mysterious mishap that took place in my absence while away.

Most excitingly, it's now only a month or so now until we can see The Shmuseum and I cannot wait! With the team that's involved in the project, we're going to be bringing you behind the scenes content building my dream garage and plenty more going forwards all on the dedicated channel, along with even more updates with the Shmeemobiles.


Titre de l'épisodeA Day in My Life Managing a Car Collection!
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Date added7 mai 2021
Original date6 mai 2021


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