120MPH POWERSLIDE! My First Shelby GT500 Trackday

Ajouté le 2 avr. 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's time to get my Shelby GT500 Carbon Fibre Track Pack out onto the circuit where it belongs! After the recent prep at FSE LA with new tires and an alignment, it's time to reap the rewards, with the added bonus of Billy Johnson taking the wheel to show how it's done in style!

My GT500 may only be a month or two old, but it's quickly been used for just about everything a car like this should do! From daily driving, to a coast to coast adventure, hitting top speed, drag races, and now an outing on a circuit at Buttonwillow International Raceway. With the private day hosted by FSE LA, we're joined by the guys from the trip to Las Vegas, the Mustang GT4, as well as @Speed Phenom and @Joseph Gatt.

It's on track where the Ford Performance team have managed to make the Shelby GT500 into a surprise that you'd never expect from a Ford Mustang. A car this big and heavy should not be able to get a move on around a race circuit in the way that this can; thanks to huge power but also spectacular grip through the corners.

After a few stints at the wheel myself, Billy Johnson takes the wheel to show a bit more of what it can do. As well as racing the Ford GTs at Le Mans and around the world, Billy was also heavily involved in the development of the Shelby GT500 and therefore feels right at home.


Titre de l'épisode120MPH POWERSLIDE! My First Shelby GT500 Trackday
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