Stella Alpina 2020

Ajouté le 15 févr. 2021

Stella Alpina


The 35th running of the historical Stella Alpina was to be a slightly different affair, with the world on it's toes, extra safety precautions were to be taken. This didn't stop the spirit of competition however, but made available was a non-competitive format for those who just wanted to soak up the majesty of the Dolomites over the course of the weekend. The Rally passed through the enchanting roads of Trentino, packed with a mix of sport, passion, panoramas, hairpin bends and superb hospitality.


Titre de l'épisodeStella Alpina 2020
Episode numéro4
Date added15 février 2021
Original date28 juin 2020
CatégorieFeature magazine

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