My Dream First Drive in the MERCEDES CLK GTR!

Ajouté le 2 juil. 2020

Hypercar test drives


Never in my life did I think I might have an opportunity to drive the absolute icon that is the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR... but that dream has become reality! Thanks to @the_collection1, it wasn't even just "a drive" but a full blown convoy on the Bahrain F1 circuit with his McLaren F1, Porsche 911 GT1 and Maserati MC12 as well as a P1 and the epic Apollo IE. WOW!

During a track evening hosted at the Bahrain International Circuit by Supercars Club Arabia, countless incredible cars attended including some particularly special members of the garage belonging to @the_collection1 - whose collection is one of, if not the very best in the entire world. Alongside it was also a presentation of the new Apollo IE and an opportunity to see and hear the car in action, including a parade lap featuring the icons present. With almost no notice ahead of time, @the_collection1 invited me to join in the convoy, and in this case to take the wheel of one of my dream cars - the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR.

I have to apologise for my giddiness and even in some cases incorrect statistics - this was a whirlwind moment that caught me completely unaware but was so magical at the same time. There are only 20 units of the CLK GTR Coupe, plus an additional 2 prototypes and 6 Roadsters; the road going version of the successful FIA GT1 racecar. With a 6.9l V12 with over 600hp and almost 800nm, it's an immense machine with a completely raw driving experience.

With a value on the car of around £3-4m, combined with the others taking part we were looking at a £25m convoy for a few laps together in a scene unlikely to ever be repeated again. To be part of this alone was something unique and special; to do so at the wheel of the Mercedes CLK GTR even more so. I cannot thank @the_collection1 enough for this unbelievable experience.


ProgrammeHypercar test drives
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