Lexus LFA for My Collection - When and Why?

Ajouté le 2 mars 2021

Fuel For Thought


I make no secret of my desire to one day own a Lexus LFA! However, it hasn't happened yet, why?

Last year, I drove an LFA with FL Motors in Berlin and was instantly reminded how special it is. Launched as a halo project it was very much a technological tour de force and demonstration of what could be done by Toyota and the Lexus brand. Powered by a 560hp 4.8l naturally aspirated V10, the sound is one of the most perfect symphonies ever created, and mated to the 6-speed automated manual gearbox there's quite the driver involvement in this front engine sports-GT.

Why then, you might be wondering, if I like the car quite so much have I not bought one yet? That's a tricky question to answer but fundamentally I really enjoy the entire process with a new car from being able to build up the specification, to the anticipation and then taking delivery before cracking on with the miles, building up the memories, and ultimately keeping it as a permanent Shmeemobile. Given the Lexus LFA is now over a decade old, that is of course impossible to do and while I'd love to purchase one they are also extremely expensive, significantly more than list price and therefore hard to justify. I'll expand further on this within the video to discuss more factors.

Nonetheless, it is an incredible car to drive, and a great inspiration for the future to look forward to hopefully joining the garage one day. For the time being, what a set of roads to be able to enjoy the drive and hear plenty of the V10!


Titre de l'épisodeLexus LFA for My Collection - When and Why?
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