Suspension | How it Works

Ajouté le 10 juil. 2020

Science Garage


There are many different types of suspension systems on our cars. Even before cars existed, suspension was around to make your life easier when driving on rough roads. Now days, pot holes don’t stand a chance against modern advancements in automotive suspension. Whether you’re out for a sunday cruise in a luxury car, or going for the win in a race car, suspension is critical to achieving a faster or more enjoyable ride. Join Bart on this week’s episode of Science Garage as he covers the differences between leaf springs and coilovers, sway bars and shock absorbers, sprung and unsprung weight, and every else that makes your suspension work the way you want!


Titre de l'épisodeSuspension | How it Works
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Date added10 juillet 2020
Original date15 août 2018
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