You NEED The New Bentley GT! And here's Why!

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Welcome back to RBR guys, today we have our first ever Bentley video on the channel!! The 3rd generation #Bentley Continental GT! Today we’ll check out the history that leads up to this car, the changes made in generation 3, some awesome interior details and of course the sound and drive of this epic W12 engine car.

So guys the history of #BentleyMotors began with the man of the same name, Walter Owen Bentley, better known as WO. His career didn’t start in cars, but rather trains and later the war effort, but his skills were transferred thereafter to his dream of founding his own car company; he was quoted as saying he wanted to "To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.”

Since then, the goal of Bentley has been to create the best possible touring sports #supercar. His last and most infamous car, the 8 Litre, was the best example of this. A ludicrous engine paired to a dead silent 100MPH long distance touring vehicle. The course for the company was pretty much set from here on. Whats so cool is, every CEO from Bentley gets the 8 litre as their company car!

Shortly after this, the Great Depression hit, and Rolls Royce sneakily bought a struggling Bentley motors in receivership via a shell company.After this, much of what “Bentley” produced was simply re-skinned Rolls Royce vehicles. But there were some stand outs, particularly when H J Mulliner got involved, a different design team to Park Ward who Rolls used otherwise. Hence the Mulliner spec name used even today!

They made the First 2 doors cars in the 1950’s at Crewe where the factory is still located today, 10% lighter than the standard Silver dawn based car, they were the most expensive production cars in the world and the world's fastest 4/5-seater saloons with a top speed above 120 mph. These were mainly made for the UK, where we had no motorways back then, so these were created for open roads of continental Europe – hence the introduction of the name, ‘Continental’!

What followed was 30 years of using the same Rolls Royce rebadging, or regrilling, theme. That was until 1991 where the continental R was created, the first unique Bentley in all those years, we can still see hints of our modern cars in it.

In 1997, parent company Vickers decided it wanted to sell Rolls Royce, and in thus Bentley in town. We’ll cover that story another day but VW outbid BMW and long story short, ended up with the Bentley brand. The VW owned Bentley resurrected the Continental brand with their first ever car on a mass production line, and a with an equally impressive engine: 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 producing a crazy 560bhp and 479lb ft of torque!

It immediately became the GT super cruiser of choice, with waiting lists filmed with premiership football players. Though, we most note that both first and second generation Continentals were based on the VW phaeton, and though Bentley made full use of the resources available to it from the mothership, they always felt like they were based on an old car.

Then came GEN 3: this one is big news. The sleek design betrays the massive change under the skin, the platform itself which was built along side VW friend Porsche, called the MSB platform. It also underpins the Porsche Panamera, but very much some Bentley influence built in too!

There’s a 48 volt active anti roll bar, and 3 camber air suspension. The engine is the W12, its reworked with new cylinder heads, and moved back for a better 55/45 weight distribution. It produces 626bhp and 664lb ft (a 44bhp improvement, and more than the last GT Speed) but the headline for me was the 0-60 in 3.6 seconds!!

Will it all be enough to propel the Conti to dynamic levels it never previously reached?


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