V8 Bentayga: A PROPER Bentley! - Full Review

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The last time we featured a Bentley it was the iconic continental W12, and we looked at the complicated history of the brand, leading up to their most well-known car!

This is the V8 Bentley Bentayga in all its facelift Glory. It’s been updated to match the Conti and fly-spying spur in its facelift look, bringing the whole family in line visually, along with some significant updates inside.

So let’s check out this Verdant Green #Luxury V8 facelift #Bentayga. The story began with the 2012 - #Bentley EXP 9 F: Very much the brainchild of Bentley Chairman Wolfgang Dürheimer, he was also product chief of Porsche and pushed the cayenne through opposition back then! Undoubtedly the biggest success story for them also may explain why the first Bentayga looked so gen-1 cayenne from the year! The reception to this concept’s design was exceedingly negative, I mocked it too back then, yet when I look at it now… I think it’s aged exceedingly well. Maybe we weren’t ready for it then.

The original thus played it a bit safer. A more round look, mimicking the conti from back then, similar lights front and back too. And the car was well received and did some amazing sales as now their best selling model. Last year it accounted for 37% of sales! Mind-blowing.

Now it’s been facelifted. And every panel has been redesigned from the front end, matrix grille is now more upright, new headlights cut crystal glassware and overall a more blocky, less round design. But crucially, in line with continental. Some details outside like the side wing with a lovely B motif are carried inside later.

It has a new full-width tailgate, via a 20 mm increase to the rear track width brings dynamic benefit and repositions the wheels in their arches to improve the car’s stance. The best part of the rear are the Conti style 3D elliptical tail-lights with animated LEDs and a Larger rear spoiler.

This V8 version had the 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged petrol engine which develops 542 bhp (550 PS) and 568 lb.ft. (770 Nm) of torque. In the future we’ll check our the V6 hybrid and the new Speed too!

The Portland and Cumbrian green leather

Interior features all-new seats and trim, and increased rear legroom. Main benefit is the next-generation infotainment system with a 10.9-inch screen, CarPlay/android auto as standard, and a smart digital driver zone.


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