Urban G700S AMG! Brutal, Wide, British G63!!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Welcome back to RBR and our first ever Tuner review is with British Brand Urban Automotive! And fitting that it’s an AMG! Started in 2003 as “Nurburg”: Urban is one of the hottest upcoming tuner in the auto world. They started with the visual and performance upgrades of Land Rover cars, such as the Defender! But in recent times have had huge success with their new Carbon Fiber business model, creating their V2 kits for Range Rover Sport, SVR, Discovery and even attending to the Bentley Bentayga!! But now they have set their sights on G Wagon! With a full wide body G63 kit and unique wheels from Vossen USA, the car is also tuned up to 700BHP and an extra 150nm of torque. Oh and a louder exhaust! Will this be natural progression or a fail at conforming their design language to AMG? And will the power be too much for this car!? Today we explore: - Urban background - Defender - Range Rover Discovery and Sport SVR - The Urban G; how it’s made - Carbon fiber construction - Design review - Full driving review - Road presence - Exhaust sound and revs - Performance and speed - Luxury and daily Up next on on RBR is The New BMW 1 Series and the M135i!!


Titre de l'épisodeUrban G700S AMG! Brutal, Wide, British G63!!
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Date added21 décembre 2020
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