The Ultimate EV Concept Cars - Maybach Vision 6 Coupé + Cab!!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Maybach is... Back?! With the Most Gorgeous Cars ever designed, the Vision 6 Coupé and Cabriolet!

Here’s an exclusive look at the future of both Mercedes Benz and Maybach design to follow in cars like the future 2020 Mercedes S Class, S Class Maybach, GLS Maybach and perhaps even new Maybach Coupé flagships!!

Debuted at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, The Vision 6 Vehicles were designed by Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener to display “ultimate luxury” - the name used to describe the Maybach arm of Mercedes, and his sensual purity design language. It’s an EQ Power or EV car, with 738 BHP, a zero to sixty of under 4 seconds, with a claimed top speed of 155 mph and a range of over 200 miles!

The coupé is a gullwing in 2+2 format, harkening back not only to the 300 SL and SLS AMG, but also the legendary 500K SSK! Merging retro and modern in an incredible way. The cabriolet similarly is like the classic Mercedes drop tops of the by gone era, but modern like nothing else.


Titre de l'épisodeThe Ultimate EV Concept Cars - Maybach Vision 6 Coupé + Cab!!
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