The New S Class is Unbeatable! S400d vs S500 Review

Ajouté le 29 nov. 2021


The S is still the king, but it maintains its position by dominating a whole new area: luxury in technology and software. It’s a powerhouse in intelligence and user experience, and you have to see it to understand it!

With this new w223 generation, the body uses more aluminum in the body in white, and fewer joins and more one-piece structures to stop the noise. It has more sound deadening too, and the world's first new rear airbag system!

At 0.22cd, it’s almost the most aerodynamic car in the world, only beaten by the EV version of the car, the #MercedesBenz EQS. Pretty damn impressive for a “traditional” shaped car.

E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL active suspension offers more driving comfort and agility. It works with the air suspension, regulating spring and damper on each wheel 1000 times per second. But of far more importance is the safety feature: if the car detects a side-on collision, it raises the car in case of t-bone so the impact is on the bottom!

There’s further tech in your day-to-day driving too. The front lights feature Digital light- 1.3 million micromirrors, and 2.6 million pixels! With the ability to show projections on the road. Rear-wheel steering is an option too up to 10 degrees, reducing wheelbase by 2 meters!

The interior and its UI is where the car wins though, with the insanely advanced MBUX Operating System that helps take the experience of driving the new S-Class to levels the rivals can’t get close to. The advanced ambient lighting is not just about making the interior pretty, it interacts with you via the Voice Assistant, with safety alerts like blind spots and collision detection and much more! The Heads up display is huge, with a projection size of a 77-inch monitor, paired with the hugely customizable driver zone with a 3-D screen makes for an amazing experience.

As #mercedes choice of engines, today we are testing the two most popular ones back to back, first the diesel! The S400d has 326BHP, a huge 700NM and 0-60 of 5.4.

And then the new 500, which instead of being a V8, is now a advanced in-line six engine with hybrid technology, as we have seen in the 53 AMG‘s recently! This has 435BHP, 520NM and a 0-60 of 4.9.

There’s also a bigger hybrid version with a huge battery: S580e with 510bhp, 750nm and over 100km ev mode range!

But which one is the better car? And does it really have that much more advanced technology versus its rivals, to maintain its position as the king? Watch and let me know what you think of my verdict!


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