The Basic 911: The Jewel of Porsche’s Line up?

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One thing you’re never short of with 911, is variants. And in 992 we already have quite a few, with the Carrera S, 4S, Turbo, Turbo S, Cabriolet, Targa, Targa heritage… and now the new GT3… Well, you get the idea! And it’s a similar story in the configurator too: with sports Chrono, PASM, Rear Steer, ceramics and a whole host of options that you can’t do without or the car wouldn’t be good enough, right?

Enter the one that inevitably gets overlooked among these tempting choices, the base Carrera with low options. It’s the least powerful, interesting looking, it hurts our egos which make us want to jump to S at least… And on VS mode today it’s going up against a high specification Carrera 4S to show you the other end of the spectrum! So let the battle begin, to decide how good in reality is the entry level Carrera 911!

For some general 992 background, it was headed by former head of GT product Frank Walliser, it was the Same basic size as the 991, with a wider front track, staggered wheels for the first time, almost all of the body is aluminium, active aero on the front, the turbocharged flat-six engine has been reworked - position is the same, but it’s mounted further along the the middle of the car closer to the centre of gravity, while reducing vibrations, VTG mirrored turbochargers, there is a completely new 8-speed dual-clutch PDK!

I’ll also show you some of my favourite highlights like the flush door handles, the bonnet cuts from G model and 993, the light bar with the Porsche type inside it, and the secret 911 code on the rear grille!

Then when it comes to models, you’re inundated with options.

Carrera S gives us 444BHP, 530nm, and a 0-60 of 3.7 seconds. Get our 4S and that becomes 3.6 or faster.

Then you can have a cabriolet of either, same power but slightly slower. Same with the gorgeous Targa, best looking of the bunch perhaps. Can go totally wild with the Heritage edition!

Then the Turbo family. Standard turbo at 580PS, 2.7 seconds, Turbo S a maddening 650PS and 2.5 seconds. And finally, GT3. 510BHP, 4.0 natural engine, PDK or manual, no rear seats: and all the know how Weissach has!

With all that, it’s easy to forget our friend the Base Carrera: with only 380BHP.


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