Taycan Cross Turismo: It’s SO Good… I’m buying one!

Ajouté le 27 mai 2021


The Ultimate Performance #supercar shooting brake is here!! Killer of super cars, the #Porsche #Taycan returns as an off road wagon monster. It comes now standard with thw two-tier Performance Battery Plus used in the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo, with 396 cells. It gives the Turbo S the same 761BHP on over-boost, and 635BHP in normal circumstances.

Though the cross differs in ride heights - three-chamber air suspension provides a wide range of heights and we will show you how it works. This turbo also has Rear axle steering up to 2.8 degrees!

Driving mode Gravel is unique to the Cross - it differs power delivery, with precise torque control for optimised traction, and influences (PSM) (PTV Plus) & (PTM) to suit uneven surfaces.

Space inside is much improved in terms of Headroom, Luggage Space, and generally the attention to detail is very high.

But how does it fare vs the normal Taycan, particularly in terms of the performance that made that so amazing?


Titre de l'épisodeTaycan Cross Turismo: It’s SO Good… I’m buying one!
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Date added27 mai 2021
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