Should you Buy The New A45 S?? First look with Mr AMG!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


So let’s do things the RBR way and start from the beginning! Back in 2013 AMG did the unprecedented and entered the hotly contested hot hatch market, with a small 2 cylinder turbo 350ish BHP all wheel drive A45. Despite initial fears, the original proved itself one of the most accessible, fun and loud AMGs. Quickly it became a leader in the compact class and the horsepower wars insued with Audi’s RS3, and BMW sitting pretty on their untouchable M2.

AMG proved that this mix of small turbo engine with their signature big engine character, and flagship styling was super attractive to customers! The facelift built upon this raising power and adding a diff to the front. In the new gen A Class, a much more grown up car inside and out, the first AMG to come was of course the A35. Essentially nigh identical to the previous a45 in its format, with a 4 pot turbo, haldex all wheel drive system bused to the front, the same brakes and thus a shared driving feel. BUT where does that leave the A45S? Well it’s a totally new beast in every single regard - It’s got a new M139 4 cylinder engine with 421 BHP in the S, A New 8 speed gearbox, more rigidity, new suspension, Unique body size BUT most importantly: a new 4 wheel drive 4matic+ system completely different to before! Allowing drift mode like the E63 S and GT. But has it made a big enough difference? Do you feel the power, and how have regulations effected sound? And is it still useable daily!?


Titre de l'épisodeShould you Buy The New A45 S?? First look with Mr AMG!
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