RSQ8 - World’s Fastest SUV! But is it the best? Full Review

Ajouté le 21 janv. 2021


Hey guys and welcome back to RBR! And to the Spearhead of the #AudiSport RS family: the RSQ8.

It’s deemed by Audi as the sportiest Q, and it undoubtedly is, with 600BHP & 800NM it’s a veritable Hulk from #Audi, a car that gives Lambo Urus owners nightmares due to the internal similarities and it should, as it’s the current king of the Nurburgring as far as SUVs go. But it is a car that confuses the rest of us as to why it exists.

A niche within a niche when the RS6 exists and the RSQ3 is so good. So let’s explore today what makes the RSQ8 tick! Up until now the sportiest RS Q car has been the RSQ3. We had huge fun in the recent one, with it’s sweet sounding cylinder engine and looks way above class matching the RSQ8 today. On the other side of the spectrum, the most desirable RS has to be the RS6. 592BHP, 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and the sexiest sport estate body ever designed. It fits in most of our ideal garages...

This RSQ8, seeks to meld both of these worlds into what Audi Sport are calling their spearhead. Heavy car at 2.4 tonnes. So let’s see what they have done to make the normal Q8 an Audi Sport member with a full look at the interiors of this V8 twin turbo 600BHP tank! We must also explore how it weighs up against the plethora of Rivals from inside VAQ group, like the Urus and Cayenne Turbo, RS6, SQ8 and the monster outs GLE63S from AMG!

So today we explore: - The New RSQ3 - The New RSQ8 - Engine - Suspension - 48 volt system - Quattro Sport differential - Ceramic Brakes - External Rivals - Exterior Design - Interior review - Exhaust sound - Full performance review - Launch control - Sound

Driving disclaimer: Please note all driving shots have been filmed on closed roads.


Titre de l'épisodeRSQ8 - World’s Fastest SUV! But is it the best? Full Review
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