Porsche 992 GTS Lightweight Pack: Stealth GT3? First drive!

Ajouté le 24 sept. 2021


The Sweet Spot of the #911 series is back! This is the epic new GTS of the 992 Generation, With a new more hard-core lightweight package specified on both our lava orange and python green cars! The GTS name was first used in the racing series “904” car, and made a return in our 997 generation as a midpoint between Carrera and Turbo.

Ever since then, it’s wound up being a sweet spot in the 911 lineup. Emotion and more racing genes than the Carrera, more sporting ability of Turbo, but in a purer package that’s still a great daily. 991 and 991.2 #GTS continued the same formula to great effect, within my opinion better styling than even our new car, and the loudest you’ll now find in any generation. #Porsche’s 992 is a big leap, however, and because of that, I’m not sure how Porsche can make the GTS that much better than the already brilliant standard cars. It needs to have more emotion, needs to have more driving ability and it needs to give that special feeling of the GTS.

The design is better in person, with the giveaway centre looking wheels finished in pure black, straight from our turbo. Sports design package comes as standard but with more black areas covered either in matte plastic or gloss black. Logo on the side also gives the game away, but not much otherwise. The real changes come under the skin, with the chassis from our 992 Turbo: this means we get PASM as standard, with the coupe and Cabriolet getting the 10 mm drop. Our rear springs also feature the helper springs as seen in both turbo and GT3. Overall it’s a more rigid car than the standard Carrera.

The car also features a slightly unique exhaust system, wait for later in the video to hear this! Our lightweight package car brings a number of changes: the 918 bucket seats in full carbon are a dead giveaway, lightweight glass all around the car, a lightweight starter battery, unique positioning for the active rear spoiler, and hidden further aerodynamic changes under our front-end. The final result is a 25 kg drop, and thanks to the removal of sound insulation much more emotional sound inside the cabin. 480 BHP, 570NM and a 0-60 of 3.3 (Carrera 4 GTS) top off an impressive package. But can do enough against the brilliant bass Carrera and thunderous turbo?

Today we explore: -

Full 992 line up: Carrera, C2S, C4S, Turbo S, Targa, GT3 - Brief history of 911 GTS - Technical changes to 992 GTS - GTS Chassis and Suspension - Design changes - GTS Lightweight package - GTS Interior review - 992 GTS exhaust - Driving review - Conclusion Up next on RBR is the new GTS Targa, M5 CS and MUCH MUCH More!!

Driving disclaimer: Please note all driving shots have been filmed on closed roads.


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