Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupé! There is no Rival! Full Review

Ajouté le 7 janv. 2021


The Ultimate 911 has no rival! Happy New Year, and welcome back to RBR and first a huge thanks to Piloti for sponsoring us after years of me wearing their shoes on the channel for no reason but passion!!

There are few cars in the world that leave you wandering at every generation, how could they ever get any faster?! And with the 911 Turbo S, If we have learnt anything, it’s never ready to settle into it’s final form: there’s always one more level of power despite how impossible it may seem!

The new 992 Turbo S Coupe has taken that very idea, and pushed even further this time. Porsche Head of 911 Dr Walliser wanted to bring it closer to GT3 product than the Turbo has ever been, add the emotion it was perhaps lacking, so let’s finally Explore the Turbo S history and get behind the wheel of my own personal car to see, is it truly the worlds most capable sports car!

7 Generations of 911 - 930 Turbo - 964 Turbo of Bad Boys - 993 turbo + first Turbo S - 996 Turbo with the 991 GT1 engine - 997 Turbo - 991 Turbo S 992 Turbo S - 992 Turbo S Performance - Technical differences in Turbo S vs Carrera S - Turbo S Engine - Cooling and Aerodynamics - Exterior Design - Lightweight package / New Turbo S Sport Design package (with Matte Silver wheels) - The new GT3 - as Previewed by Chris Harris and Top Gear Up next on on RBR is the new Audi RSQ8 and MUCH MUCH More!!

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Driving disclaimer: Please note all driving shots have been filmed on closed roads.


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