Porsche 718 GT4 RS! First Look at The Crazy Cayman!

Ajouté le 20 nov. 2021


Naturally Aspirated GT3 engine. 500BHP. 1,415kg. The ultimate high-revving #Porsche engine enters the sweet mid-engined 718 series of cars in the ultimate final Crazy Cayman #supercar. The #GT4RS is the swan song for the 718 before a potential electrified future, and it’s going to be a special one!

For this launch car, we have a Weissach pack vehicle, with Arctic Grey (same as Cayenne Turbo GT) And a wheel colour of Indigo Blue. On the Nürburgring, vs the 718 Cayman GT4, it’s faster by more than 23 seconds… with an incredible lap of 7:04 seconds. The engine is the naturally aspirated flat-six engine from the 911 GT3 Cup racing car and the 911 GT3!

The engine revs as high as 9,000 rpm. VS GT4, the GT4 RS has an extra 80 PS, resulting in a weight-to-power ratio of 2.83 kg/PS. The maximum torque is 450 Nm. And an insane 0-60 of 3.4 which is bound to be faster. It features also the 7-speed lightning-fast PDK, rather wonderfully using the shifter knob from the new GT3. They also call it a sports low ratio PDK which can only be good.

In weight, it’s 35KG lighter than a GT4. CFRP components include bonnet, front wings, less insulation, and there’s much more including even lightweight carpets! The wing draws attention. It’s a Swan-neck rear wing with aluminium supports just as we first saw on the 992 GT3 recently released. It’s highly efficient and derived from the Porsche 911 RSR GT, with the GT4 RS logo embossed inside of it. The titanium tailpipes are inspired by the mega Porsche 935, and look amazing.

The car has a 30-millimetre-lower ride height, RS vents on the front wheel arches, a fully clad underbody connected to the rear diffuser, an adjustable front diffuser & finally front spoiler lip with massive side blades. Both in the same ‘track’ settings, GT4 RS generates 20% more downforce than GT4 for the same drag! The best bit might be the PROCESS air intakes behind the windows. They improve intake airflow, but also create an intake noise for us. In terms of chassis, it has ball joints that deliver more precise handling.

The chassis is adjustable with an RS-specific shock absorber set-up, as well as modified spring and anti-roll bar rates. The optional Weissach package gives carbon on the luggage compartment lid, process air intakes, cooling air intakes, airbox cover, exterior mirror upper trims and rear wing. It also includes a roll cage and 20-inch forged aluminium wheels while forged magnesium wheel are a 10k option. FYI: There will be a CXX option allowing you to have a bonnet stripe like the 991 GT2 RS with the Weissach Package! At 140K euros price, it gets close to GT3 but Porsche say they don’t compete: the GT4 RS is like your ‘weekend bike’, being properly hard-core.

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