Official! AMGs First Electric Car: EQS 53 AMG! First look

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#EV and #AMG: a contradiction in terms long feared by fans and petrol heads alike, and that fateful day has finally arrived with the AMG EQS 53.

It’s based on Mercedes’ flagship BEV, the new EQS, but massaged into AMG spec here at Affalterbach. Changes range from the design inside and out, Electric motors, 4Matic+, suspension, brake system and even an AMG sound experience!

The EQS 53 is powered by 2 electric motors and fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. The standard car has a total output of up to 658BHP, 950nm and a 0-60 of 3.8 seconds. Power comes from 310kw on the rear motor, and 184kw on the front.

In the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package version of the car, RACE START mode with Boost function gives up to 762 hp and 1020Nm! And the 0-60 is a crazy in 3.4 seconds (when you have 80% state-of-charge however). Top speed is limited to 220 km/h, or limited to 250 km/h with AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package.

In terms of the technicals: Electric motors are permanently excited, and we have AMG specific ones for increased performance. Single speed transmission only, but lower weight more focus on luxury for this car. The car also has AMG Performance 4MATIC+ Fully variable all-wheel drive - as seen in the E63 etc. The torque distribution is checked 10,000 times per minute, and ensures that the most efficient electric motor is used.

The familiar AMG ride control+ air suspension is here too, in the EQS we have a new rear axle carrier, torsion bar stabiliser, bearings for subframe and engine mounts, wheel carriers and links derived from other AMG Performance models, and finally two pressure limiting valves adjusting the damping force, as in the AMG GT 4-Door Coupé.

Rear-axle steering as standard, steering angle of up to 9 degrees is a bit less than the normal EQS as the AMG has bigger wheels.

The interior feels like a proper AMG, with AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive modes being fully modifiable, unique software and driving zones (AMG supersport display), and AMG materials like micro cut suede, nappa leather, red stitching. AMG SOUND EXPERIENCE is a big deal too: Mode "Authentic" uses special loudspeakers, shakers, sound generator to generate the typical AMG drive sounds. Dynamic plus pack adds another more powerful sounding profile called “performance”.

So lots done, but will it be enough for the AMG customer? With rivals like the smaller more sporty looking Taycan and Etron GT already in the market, is a big luxury AMG EV going to be able to convince? Today we can only explore the static car.


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