OFFICIAL! 2022 Mercedes AMG SL 63 + SL 55! Detailed First Look!

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REBORN! The #SL is back with a bang! Welcome back to RBR my friends and fellow #MercedesAMG addict, and today I’m going to show you two of the most exciting cars that’ll come out of #AMG for years to come. In the last decade, the SL name hasn’t really inspired the awe and lust that it did in it’s hay day, living under the shade of the phenomenal SLS, AMG GT and S Class two door cars.

Today’s new generation car however, is a car reborn. It’s not a Mercedes Benz anymore. The SL is now Built by AMG making the SL for the first time in it’s 70 year history, an AMG only vehicle, just like the SLS and GT.

But it also pulls from the best of Mercedes Benz, ripping luxury and tech straight of the new S Class, and crucially, returning to a 2+2 layout that hasn't been seen since 1989.

Oh, and get happy, because both have a V8! This car also shares it’s basis with AMG’s next flagship sports car. So a hugely important video today.

The SL has had a weird history, so it’s not super easy to try and understand the SL’s so called new direction. Fact is, it isn’t really new at all, to me it’s a clever merger of all the SL’s traits from the past. Over it’s 70 years, the SL became a car of two different worlds - Genuine Racing heritage, and Luxury grand touring sales success.

So in the video we will go from the side of racing with the original w194, all the way through the 300 SL, and the turn to luxury with the Pagoda. There were faint flashes of racing brilliance whenever AMG got to tinker with an SL, culminating in legendary cars like the SL55 and SL Black. But they’re more flashes in the pan.

Through history, the SL has been trying to achieve a really difficult duality of character: one part race, another part luxury. Luckily for us: that duality is AMG’s speciality!

I’ll first show you the sport car aspect of our new car. Affalterbach knows how to make sports cars, with record setting cars like the GT Black. AMG thus brings much needed racing DNA into the SL. There’s an all new platform, new suspension options for the 55 and 63, and much more done which I’ll show you!

Performance? Yes it’s a V8, yes it’s the one we love: the 4.0 bi turbo masterpiece as seen from C63 to GT Black. Both our SL55 and SL63 use this engine. But the SL gets a new oil pan. This is paired to the 9 speed MCT wet clutch, meaning faster shifts. It’s also the first ever 4Matic all wheel drive SL in history!

The roof is a topic of contention: it Returns to fabric top like the 300SL. Means a lighter z-fold roof. It’s three layer with noise insulation and a heated rear screen, and maintains a much better side profile than the previous car. I much prefer this. 21kg lighter than vario.

The interior and tech takes the best parts from the S Class. Digital light features in our lights, the interior has the familiar new MBUX large screen but with tilting function, and the drive zone has SL unique screens surrounding by a cowl. The car also gets HUD, 360 cam, ambient lighting, as choice of sports seats, and much more!

Oh: and it’s now 2+2. Finally allowing the SL to differentiate itself from the GT family, and alloy more daily use.


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