New R8 and Iron Man! Tribute to Tony Stark’s Supercar!!

Ajouté le 21 déc. 2020


Here’s the NEW FACELIFT Audi R8 V10 Performance coupe review!! Let’s do todays video while paying tribute to a couple of heroes: One of the silver screen, and one the road. Tony Stark and the Audi R8 have been inextricably linked from that first fateful union exactly 11 years ago in May, 2008! With the original Iconic and gorgeous silver R8 4.2 V8, Tony drove in Iron Man 1. The R8 really took the motoring world by storm. An affordable mid engine sports car was a rarity, and an Audi Supercar unheard of. It caught the supercar big boys sleeping, and quickly became one of those cars that every one, car fan/Audi fan/ or non car fans, wanted to own. Attainable, super cool and properly capable!!

We can’t deny however, that much of that allure came from the introduction with Tony. Not unlike much of Aston’s success thanks to the aura of Bond, the R8 has always been Stark’s car. It continued with Iron Man 2, as he drove the R8 V10 Spyder, Iron Man 3 with the rarest of them all, the R8 Etron, and even the new R8 V10 Plusin Avengers 2.

And the final Audi appearance was sadly not this R8, which would have been poetic, but even Bond is driving a Rapide E next... nothing is sacred. But i get it, “Iron Man drives an etron” comments already flooded my instagram comments on the R8. Audi’s plan is clearly working, they said themselves how the alignment with Stark back in 2008 gave the brand the ability to reshape it’s place in the market setting a tone for the future Giving Iron Man an E-tron GT in his last appearance, is a smart move, plus electric is as I said closer to the iron man suit than combustion! The future? An RWS still could come, i hope it does because that was my favourite R8. But beyond that, rumours of a V6 twin turbo were around, but currently there are no plans to continue the model. Maybe it’s a good thing, and the supercar bows out like Iron Man on a high note... Or maybe it’ll return in full electric supercar form one day. And now the facelift, taking much from the R8 GT3 and GT4 cars, Audi Sport saying it’s the closest car to motor sporting sharing 60% of components. Even some Lamborghini elements that I’m not sure about… we will explore it all and then take out this V10 for a spin to celebrate it!


Titre de l'épisodeNew R8 and Iron Man! Tribute to Tony Stark’s Supercar!!
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