New Porsche 911 GT3 Manual + PDK - UK Cars First Drive!

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2021 Manual and PDK GT3 at Anglesey Track in Wales: words I never thought it’d utter! A huge honour to be part of a tiny group of UK car mags and journos to have the chance to drive the UK spec cars for the first time. All credit goes to you viewers of RBR, getting me to where I am today with the Channel!

Today I’ll take you on a deep dive of the GT3, exploring every part of the car thats changed from the previous gen, before exploring the two different specs of the Shark Blue Manual and White PDK that we have here today.

The new GT3 is an impressive thing. Despite a wider body, larger wheels and additional tech, the weight of the 992 GT3 is on a par with the last one: weighing just 1,418 kg with the manual transmission and 1,435 kg with the Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK).

The 992 in general must be thanked for this, being slightly bigger, always wider, stiffer aluminium based body, better tech, and to my eyes the best modern design we have had. Our last video on the base 911 car argued how it’s the gem of the lineup, and prior to that I reviewed my own Turbo S, a 650PS monster with more GT flavour than ever!

But unlike turbo, GT isn’t about power, it’s about pure driving pleasure. The horsepower is only 503, torque almost half the Turbo S at 470, and a 0-60 of 3.4 makes it seem slow. But this car has lapped the Nürburgring at 6.59… beating the last 3RS.

The engine is still natural, the brilliant 4.0 from the GT3 Cup car and last Speedster, it sounds incredible as you’ll see and is still available standard with the 6 speed manual, with auto blip function or the 7 speed PDK of old. Speaking of the PDK, it’s a lighter development unit vs previous car. And unlike the normal 992’s poxy blade gear changer that we complained about so much, this has the same lever as in the manual that can be changed sequentially, as Mr Andreas Preuninger said we don’t want to always be on the paddles!!

But a lot of the story is in the suspension changes: now double wishbones rather than MacPherson struts, taking its design from the 911 RSR Le Mans car. It brings advantages in camber stiffness, better tyre contact, steering and brake stability. The rear 5 arm axle also has additional ball joints for the lower wishbones. And now the driver car also adjust the camber and roll bar stiffness on both front and rear! Also from Porsche racing cars: The car’s springs are also aided by helper springs, which extend spring travel despite the springs being wound tight, and keeps wheel contact on exaggerated turns. And finally, we still have Rear wheel steering up to 2 degrees, but retuned because of the front changes.

Brakes are now larger at a diameter of 408 rather than 380, but weigh 17% less: CCBs weigh half as much. Plus lightweight glass in all the windows, lightweight rear seat cover, lightweight stainless steel sports exhaust system all result in a power-to-weight ratio of 2.8 kg/PS making it even more a race car!

Carbon: bonnet as well as the rear wing and spoiler while the roof is also available in CFRP on request.

Aero advancements are everywhere, from the new front, swan neck wing and the new functional rear diffuser: all inspired by the RSR and CUP cars. The new GT3 generates approximately 50 per cent more downforce overall than its predecessor, even just in its factory aerodynamic settings. In the performance position, downforce can increase by as much as 150 per cent at 200 km/h!


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