New Mercedes C-Class! Full first look + AMG 53/63 inside info!

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So in this post Covid world it would be unfair for me to travel just to get content for the channel. BUT I have personally directed all the footage you’ll see throughout the video. How? I’ll show you right after we unveil the new C, you’ll find it interesting!

So the new #Mercedes​ C Class w206 generation, finished in magno selenite grey. I’ll be showing you both the saloon, and the estate both of which launch from the get go on C Class.

This car is the first major step by Mercedes towards electrification, more in my opinion than the EQ series of cars. It’s the first classic model series by Mercedes to be 100% electrified in some manner, with ever car featuring a basic hybrid set up in the minimum, and then the full plug in hybrid models. Read the press release, and the words sustainable, climate, future, eco, electrification are littered throughout the release, honestly made me feel a little dirty by the end of it. So as far as any future bans on pure ICE cars go, the C is ready. It’s also a completely 4 cylinder family, yes including the upcoming AMGs! :(

So let’s first unpack the whole of the design, first the exterior of both the sedan and wagon, then the changes inside! Then we will check out the engines and plug in hybrid tech, as every new C Class is hybridised in some way, meaning they run on a 48v system plus ISG throughout all the petrol and diesel models. (As we’ve seen int he 53 AMGs)

The 4MATIC has been advanced too with the new front-axle drive allowing higher torque levels, in a lighter system. And a big new surprise like rear wheel steering in the #Cclass​!

And then finally we will check out the AMG versions and their link to the AMG ONE hypercar, and the new “e-performance” brand. Today we explore:

- New C Class vs new E Class and S Class

- New 206 C Class vs Old 205 C Class

- Hybrid 4 Cylinder C Class family

- Electrification, ISG, 48v system, 9G Tronic Auto

- Technical updates to C Class 4matic

- Rear wheel steering

- Exterior design of the New C Class

- New C Class wagon/estate

- New paint finishes - Spectral Blue, High tech silver

- New C Class Interior first look

- The future AMG versions - New C43 / C53

- 4 cylinder New C63S

- Renders of new C43/C53

- Conclusion

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